Marriage Commissioner Wedding in Alberta Red Deer Alberta Weddings


I want to thank you for the amazing job that you did for us.  You made our day that much more organized and made us feel very comfortable.  You are a wonderful lady and we are happy you were part of our special day.

Stacey and Jonathan


We honestly think that you were absolutely amazing helping us with our day, we do not have enough good things to say about you! Thank you so much for all your kindness.

Joel and Danielle


Honestly, Thank You for being part of such a special moment.  You are an amazing lady.

James and Ashlee


Thank you so much Barb for everything!  It was fantastic that you were part of our special day with your kind words, calm and relaxed manner and utmost professionalism.  We had a beautiful day celebrating with everyone and will definitely send some photos your way when we get them! Thank you again for everything!

David and Sandra


Thank you for marrying us and being so wonderful!  I will highly recommend you to everyone!

Rachel and Johnathan


Barb I literally do not have words to express how great you made our Day!!  You are truly amazing.  I read so many wonderful things about you and I now know why.  I PROMISE I will definitely send you some pics asap.  You made our day and the strategy of our married life absolutely AMAZING.  I’m eternally grateful.

Kathy and Dallas


Thank you so much for all of your help. You made it not just bearable, but really enjoyable, to pick our vows and plan the ceremony. You did a wonderful job.
Dan and Melissa


Mike and I would like to thank you for a beautiful ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you for all of your suggestions and for making our very special day so easy.
Jackie and Mike


Thank you for all your help on our very special day. Your calmness helped both Don and I relax and enjoy the day even more. The ceremony went perfect and we appreciated all your help.
Don and Sally


We decided to drop a line to say “thank you”. You made our day personal and special. Thanks for your kindness and various selections for our ceremony.
Blaine and Wendy


Thanks so much for all your help with the ceremony. It was a pleasure to work with someone familiar with the process and so easygoing. The ceremony was beautiful. We appreciate your guidance.
Sandra and Ellsworth